Daiwa TANACOM BULL 750 User Manual

Настройка Daiwa 600Fe, 750Fe

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Настройка Daiwa 600Fe, 750Fe

Daiwa Tanacom 600fe Подробнее

Daiwa Tanacom 600fe

Daiwa 600fe

Daiwa Hyper Tanacom 600Fe Big-game Auto Jigging Electric reel Middle condition! Подробнее

Daiwa Hyper Tanacom 600Fe Big-game Auto Jigging Electric reel Middle condition!

DAIWA Tanacom BuLL Подробнее

DAIWA Tanacom BuLL

Daiwa Tanacom 600FE — Big Game Подробнее

Daiwa Tanacom 600FE - Big Game

Daiwa Bull 600

Подшипники Дайва Daiwa BULL 750FE электрокатушка Подробнее

Подшипники Дайва Daiwa BULL 750FE электрокатушка

Daiwa Tanacom-bull 750-Fe 64kg Big-power Electric Reel +Used PE line Good !! Подробнее

Daiwa Tanacom-bull 750-Fe 64kg Big-power Electric Reel +Used PE line Good !!

Электрическая катушка DAIWA Super Tanacom 600W Подробнее

Электрическая катушка DAIWA Super Tanacom 600W

Электрическая мультипликаторная катушка Подробнее

Электрическая мультипликаторная катушка

Daiwa Tanacom BULL-S 600w Hi-Power Подробнее

Daiwa Tanacom BULL-S 600w Hi-Power

DAIWA TANACOM 1000 краткий обзор Подробнее

DAIWA TANACOM 1000 краткий обзор

Daiwa Tanacom-Bull 750 Fe Big-game Electric reel +English manual Very good Подробнее

Daiwa Tanacom-Bull 750 Fe Big-game Electric reel +English manual Very good

WFT ELECTRA 1200PA ремонт электрокатушки Подробнее

WFT ELECTRA 1200PA ремонт электрокатушки

Daiwa 600fe

Daiwa 750fe

Рыбалка на Баренцевом море. Электрокатушка DAIWA TANACOM 750 в работе. Подробнее

Рыбалка на Баренцевом море. Электрокатушка DAIWA TANACOM 750 в работе.

Daiwa Bull 750 fe Подробнее

Daiwa Bull 750 fe

Daiwa Hyper Tanacom 600Fe Electric reel Подробнее


Daiwa TANACOM BULL 750 User Manual

Thank you for purchasing a TANACOM BULL 750. To take full advantage of the reels many useful functions, please read this manual carefully before using. Retain this manual for future reference.

How to connect the reel to the power source

About the power source

Battery checking displays

About the counter display

Handling and maintenance of the power cord

Other maintenance points

Names of the buttons and the display

Names and functions of each part

Line data input

With lnput Roller

When line length is known———(P1)

Functional setting operation

1 Mode setting display

How to set the many functions available

2. Before you begin fishing

Surface depth setting

When the main line is cut or broken off.

3. Auto stop function

Auto stop setting

4. Line sending function

Line sending function

5. Pickup speed setting

Pickup speed preference

6. Inverse counter

8. Winding speed indicator

Winding speed display

9. Remaining time to auto stop

Displaying of the remaining time to auto stop

10. Chumming timer winding

Chumming timer winding

11. Display recalibration

12. How to fix the Rod Clamp

Reel Specification list

The electric reel used in the animation is TANACOM BULL-1000.

Electric reel’s basic operations

Line data input With lnput Roller

1. When electricity is applied, a weak radio wave is generated and may effect hearing aids, cardiac pacemakers, and other medical devices causing malfunctions.

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Especially for those who use a cardiac pacemaker, the electric reel may cause palpitations and dizziness, so you should consult the manufacturer of your electrical medical device or the distributor for the effect of radio waves.

2. Be careful to keep fingers clear of the levelwind mechanism. It can pinch your fingers and cause injuries.

3.While feeding the line (with the motor on), the line may be caught in the reel when the clutch is turned on. Be careful not to have your fingers caught in it. Injury may result.

1. If your sinker or lure is caught on the bottom, cut your line rather than jerk the rod to free it.(Protect your hands with gloves or a towel.)

2. After fishing, rinse and dry the reel thoroughly. Store in a dry place.

3. Handle the reel with care. Dropping it may cause damage.

4. Do not touch the line while reel is running. It could cut your skin.

5. Use this reel for fishing purposes only.

6. Be careful not to get reel grease on your clothing.

7. Do not use metal wire for the main line.

8. Dropping or other shocks to the reel may cause the reel or internal electronic components to break, leak, crack or malfunction due to short circuit.

Do not strongly jar or apply heavy pressure when in use.

1. When you use a power source other than the battery or the power source provided by the boat, be sure it is of the proper voltage. Excess voltage will harm the reel and may generate enough heat to burn your hands.

2. A heavily rusted cord may generate heat, so please do not use it.

1. Do not touch moving parts while the reel is operating or it may cause injury.

2. Drag adjustment should only be done with the auto winding functions off.

1. Do not disassemble the reel. It could result in malfunction that could damage the reel or cause personal injury.

About the counter display

The following conditions may make the display difficult to read.

1. Wearing of polarized glasses.

2. Excessively cold or hot weather, mid-winter (display’s surface temperature is below -10 degrees centigrade) and mid-summer (display’s surface temperature is above 60 degrees centigrade).

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3. When light strikes the display from certain angles, the display’s digits may have shadows. This does not affect its function.

Do not reel in the end of the line

DO NOT allow end of line to be wound onto the spool.This may cause synchronization with the levelwind to be lost, a condition that can damage the levelwind due to the reelʼs high power output. Should this happen, line should be removed from spool and rewound.

After each trip, attach line to line clip to prevent it accidentally being wound onto reel.

end of the line

How to connect the reel to the power source

1. Attach the cord clips to the battery. Red covered clip is the plus (+), and the black covered clip is the minus (-).

2. Insert the connector into the reel. After this, the display appears as below.

Red Black

Main bodyʼs power supplier


Match slot with key

1.When changing batteries, the display’s backup memory stays active for about 10 minutes after the old battery is disconnected. Thus the above display startup sequence does not

need to replay when the new battery is connected within the 15 minute time frame.


About the power source

This reel is made to accept DC 12 Volt power only. Power sources providing other than this cannot be used.

The power provided by a boat can be unstable, causing the reel to stop unintentionally. Please use a battery made specifically for fishing reels, such as our Energy Pack.

Make sure of the following before departure.

1. Recharge the battery before your fishing trip. Over time, a battery can naturally discharge.

Confirm the boat can provide the proper power source (i.e. voltage, connector shape etc).

Corroded connections can prevent the flow of electric current. Remove any corrosion or


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Daiwa Tanacom 750 New+Спиннинг и шнур в подарок

Daiwa Tanacom 750 New — одна из лучших электрических катушек в своем ценовом сегменте. Отличается хорошими тяговыми показателями и своей выносливостью. По мимо показателей модель Tanacom 750 New имеет меню на английском языке.

У данной модели добавлены функции: автоматического джиггинга, запоминания глубины.

Данная модель получила широкое распространение в Мурманске для морской рыбалки на палтуса, зубатку, треску в Баренцевом море, а также в водах Норвегии. Катушки Daiwa с электроприводом прослужат Вам долгие годы в сложных условиях.

Полного заряда 12/12 Ah хватит на целый день рыбалки на больших глубинах.


  • Вес: 1 270 гр.
  • Объем шпули: 0.41 мм – 700м. 0.5 мм — 500м
  • Реальная сила тяги — 27 кг
  • Максимальное усилие фрикциона — 20 кг
  • Передаточное число — 2.3:1
  • Максимальная скорость подъема — 120 м/мин
  • Цельный усиленный корпус
  • Счетчик в метрах
  • Специальные влагоотводящие канавки
  • Водонепроницаемая система фрикциона (UTD)
  • Алюминиевая шпуля
  • Поставляется с кабелем для зарядки
  • Страна производитель — Япония
  • Гарантия — международная, 12 месяцев.


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