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Analyzer for CombiScreen ® 11 SYS urine test strips

Contents 1. Introduction . . . . . . 2 1.1. Methodology o the urine test test . 2 1.2. The test strips . . 3 1.3. Intended use . . 3

2. Description Description of the reader. reader. . . . . 4 2.1. Packing list . . 6

3. Installation . . . . . . 7 4. Operation . . . . . 9 4.1. Switching on/o. . 9 4.2. Overview o the menu system . 9 4.3. Worklist . . 10 4.3.1. Add a worklist . . 10 4.3.2. Edit a worklist worklist . . 10 4.4. Start . . 11 4.4.1. Mesurement . . 12 4.4.2. Result printout . . 13 4.5. Menu . . 13 4.5.1. Setup menu. 13 Output settings . 14 Printer settings settings . 14 Serial port settings . 14 Language settings . 14 Strip options options . 15 Measurement Measurement units . 15 Sensitivity adjustment adjustment . 15 Pad sequence sequence in printout printout . 16 Clock and date settings settings . 16 4.5.2. Service . . 17 Cleaning . . 17 Calibration settings settings . 18 4.5.3. Memory . . 18 Memory data transer transer . 19 Clearing data rom rom memory . 19 4.6. Data download download . . 20

5. Care of the instrument . . . . . 21 5.1. Cleaning o o the waste bin . 21 5.2. Cleaning o the conveyor. 21

6. Warnings Warnings / Precautions Precautions . . . . . 22 7. Troubleshoo Troubleshooting ting. . . . . 23 8. Technical data. data. . . . 24 9. Symbols. . . . . . 25 Appendix . . . . . . . 26

1. Introduction 1.1. Methodology of the urine test The urinalysis is part o the medical diagnosis methods requently used by medical doctors in laboratories in order to reveal diseases. The most cost-eective device used to screen urine is a reagent test strip. This microchemistry system has been available or many years and allows qualitative or semi-quantitative analysis within one minute by simple but careul observation. The colour change occurring on each test pad o the strip is compared to a colour chart to obtain the result. However, misreading or misinterpreting o results, caused by individual handling habits o the user or dierent light conditions, may happen. Urine analyzer (urine strip reader) equipment is designed specically to improve the accuracy and security o urine strip evaluation by using light and photometric reader in order to detect the colour changes on the test strips. The CombiScan ® 500 supports test data management and report generation by oering data storage and computerised data processing eatures. The CombiScan ® 500 is a urine analyzer or proessional use. The reader is a semi-automatic benchtop instrument designed to read the CombiScreen ® 11SYS reagent strips. The operator needs only to eed the equipment by placing the moisturised strip on the conveyor – the rest, as orwarding, reading, evaluating and disposal o the strips is done automatically by the device. The timing (route-length and speed o the conveyor belt) is adequate to the incubation time o the test strip. The CombiScan ® 500 analyses the colour and intensity o the light refected rom the reagent surace and reports the results in clinical meaningul units. No urther calculation is needed by the user. When a strip is moved into the measuring position under the optical unit, the refectance o each reagent pad is measured. The light refected at specic wavelenghts rom the test pad depends upon the degree o colour change o the pad, which is related to the concentration o the particular parameter in urine. The intelligent image analyzer sotware rst detects, locates the strip and the pads, then, based on these colour light-wave inormation the CombiScan ® 500 reads the reagent areas and the values are calculated automatically. Results are stored, then printed out by the built-in printer and can optionally be sent to host computer via serial connection.

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1.2. The test strips The base o the urine analysis is the good quality o the urine test strip. These strips have separated pads or each parameter. The test pads contain reagents, which cause colour changes according to the parameter concentration in the urine. The CombiScan ® 500 is calibrated to CombiScreen ® 11SYS urine test strips and guarantees accurate results all time. The CombiScreen ® 11SYS urine test strip contains reagents or testing: Bilirubin Urobilinogen Ketones Ascorbic Acid Glucose Protein Blood pH Nitrite Leukocytes Specic Gravity Besides the CombiScreen ® 11SYS, the CombiScreen ® 11SYS PLUS can also be used with this instrument. To acilitate reading o the manual, the test strip is always named CombiScreen ® 11SYS in this manual. IMPORTANT! Beore using the test strip read careully the CombiScreen ® 11 SYS packing insert! The meter can only be used with the CombiScreen ® 11 SYS urine test strip!

1.3. Intended use CombiScan ® 500 is an instrument or measurement o urine test strips CombiScreen ® 11SYS or in-vitro determination o Ascorbic acid, Bilirubin, Blood, Glucose, Ketones, Leukocytes, Nitrite, pH, Protein, Specic Gravity and Urobilinogen rom urine. These measurements are used in the evaluation o diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital and kidney disorders or metabolic abnormalities. For proessional use, not or sel testing.

Description o the reader

2. Description of the reader The equipment is designed specically or use in clinical laboratories. In its basic installation the housing is almost ully closed, its physical appearance including colour meets the requirements raised by medical laboratories. Its throughput is about 500 test strip evaluations/hour.

LCD Controll Keys Numeric Keys Function Keys

Fig.1 Front view of the CombiScan ® 500 urine analyzer

Due to the CCD-technology, the instrument is able to distinguish between colour changes caused by reaction o the test pad chemistry and non-specic colour development, caused by the sample.

Support Front Shat

Fig. 2 Description of the parts for installation

The optical system is designed especially or evaluation o urine test strips. The test strip is illuminated by white light and the refected light rom the reagent strip is detected by a colour CCD sensor. The signals are digitalized and this digitalized image is evaluated by the built-in program.

Operation is very simple, and doesn’t require any special knowledge or dicult practice. When measurement starts, the ront door opens and the conveyor assembled onto a carriage moves into the measuring position. The strip needs to be placed on the conveyor. Both the conveyor and the carriage are driven by a DC motor.

Description o the reader

The carriage has three positions: 

Closed: The whole carriage is inside o the housing and the Frontdoor is closed. This is the stand-by or o position.

Measurement: The ront o the carriage is ejected o the reader housing in order to let the operator place the strip onto the three-belt conveyor.

Maintenance: The carriage is ully ejected. In this position you can remove the belts and cylinders or cleaning. CAUTION! The carriage movement is controlled by the reader, never try to move it manually, not even when the reader is in stand-by or turned-o position! I the power shuts down when the carriage is ejected or an error occures, turn the reader o and on. The carriage will fnd its normal position automatically.

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DC connector Keyboard Interace

RS232 Serial Port

Fig. 3 Rear view of the CombiScan ® 500 urine analyzer

The used strips are collected in a waste bin located under the conveyor inside the CombiScan ® 500 (capacity: about 150 strips). I the automatic strip-counter reaches 150 you will get a warning message which asks you to empty the waste-bin. To remove the wastebin just push and release its ront panel. It will be automatically ejected. Pull it out totally, empty it and insert it back. Slip it gently till it is bumping (see section 5.1.). On the top side o the CombiScan ® 500 you can nd the built in printer. I you open the printer cover by liting it’s ront side you will get access to the paper roll cave to load printer paper. For loading the printer paper reer to section 3 (Installation). The interace connectors are located on the back panel. The external barcode reader and/ or keyboard can be connected to the keyboard interace connector. The host computer can be connected to the RS232 serial port.


Combi Scan 500

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Metodología de la prueba de la orina

El analizador de orinas (lector de la tira de la orina) es un equipo diseñado para mejorar la exactitud y la seguridad del análisis de orina, usa un lector ligero y fotométrico a fin de descubrir los cambios de color en las tiras de prueba. El lector es semiautomático. El operador sólo tiene que alimentar el equipo colocando la tira hidratada en el transportador, el resto, como transporte, lectura, evaluación y disposición de las tiras se hace automáticamente por el dispositivo. El cronometraje (longitud de la ruta y velocidad de la cinta transportadora) es adecuado al periodo de incubación de la tira de prueba. CombiScan® 500 analiza el color y la intensidad de la luz reflejada del reactivo emerja y relata los resultados en unidades significativas clínicas. Ningún cálculo adicional es necesario por el usuario. Cuando una tira se mueve en la posición de medición bajo el óptico, el reflectante de cada almohadilla de las tiras reactivas se mide. La luz reflexiona en longitudes de onda específicas de la prueba para cada almohadilla, esto depende del nivel del cambio en color de la almohadilla, que se relaciona con la concentración del parámetro particular en la orina. La imagen inteligente el software del analizador primero descubre, localiza la tira y las almohadillas, entonces, basado en éstos colorean la información de onda ligera CombiScan® 500 lee las áreas del reactivo y los valores es calculado automáticamente. Los resultados se almacenan, luego imprimidos por la impresoraincorporada y se puede opcionalmente enviar al ordenador anfitrión vía la conexión consecutiva. Estas tiras tienen almohadillas separadas para cada parámetro. Las almohadillas de prueba contienen reactivo, que causan el color cambios según la concentración del parámetro en la orina. La tira de prueba de la orina de CombiScreen® 11SYS contiene reactivo para pruebas: Bilirubin Urobilinogen Ketones

Ácido ascórbico Glucosa Proteína Sangre pH Nitrito Leucocitos Gravedad específica

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Анализатор мочи Analyticon Combi-Scan 500

Анализатор мочи Combi-Scan 500 (Аналитикон Германия)

Анализатор мочи (мочевой стрип-ридер) создан специально для точной и надежной оценки мочевых тест-полосок путем считывания изменения окрашивания диагностических зон тест-полосок.

Анализаторы Combi Scan 100 и Combi Scan 500 откалиброваны для диагностических полосок Combi Screen 11SYS, что гарантирует получение точных результатов.

  • билирубина,
  • уробилиногена,
  • кетонов,
  • аскорбиновой кислоты,
  • глюкозы,
  • белка,
  • крови,
  • рН,
  • нитритов,
  • лейкоцитов,
  • удельного веса.

Анализаторы Комби Скан 100 и Комби Скан 500 используют современную ПЗС (CCD)-технологию для анализа цвета и интенсивности отражения света поверхностью тестовых зон и выдают результаты в клинически значимых единицах. Пользователю нет необходимости проводить расчеты. При помещении тест-полоски в позицию считывания оптическая система измеряет отражение света от каждой реакционной зоны. Отражение света от каждой тестовой зоны на специфических длинах волн зависит от изменения окрашивания каждой зоны, которое связано с концентрацией отдельного параметра мочи. Программное обеспечение анализатора позволяет, считывая окраску реакционных зон, автоматически рассчитывать измеряемые величины. Результаты сохраняются, затем распечатываются встроенным принтером и могут быть переданы на другой компьютер через последовательный порт. Анализаторы могут работать со считывателем штрих-кода и клавиатурой для ввода индивидуальных данных пациента, имеют два режима работы: одиночное считывание и серийное, позволяют измененять единицы измерения, в которых выдаются результаты, и порядок печати данных измерения тестовых зон.

Combi Scan 500 — настольный автоматический анализатор мочи. Оператору нужно только поместить тест полоску с пробой мочи на конвейер анализатора, остальное (продвижение полоски, считывание, оценка результатов измерения и сбрасывание полоски) сделает прибор. Продолжительность цикла определяется скоростью движения конвейера и соответствует времени инкубации тест полоски.


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